Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How are things?

my loving friends Dan and Lesley asked me on christmas eve after dinner and both kids in bed...
in teary response, "i could be doing better but i wouldn't be anywhere else."
i don't know how to explain the peace and assurance of God to anyone because i think it feels and looks different for everyone, but i do know i have it and am walking in it by continuing to live and be in portland.
things are changing here for me, slowly- oh so slowly, but i have the hope of christ in me that does not disappoint, that the future holds great reward for my time in portland.

prayer points for you about me
job at macy's to continue
place to lay my head at the end of january (i'm moving to cut living expenses)
resting in God's provision
joy, strength, and wisdom


go here and you will see why i love, miss, and wish i was home with my family

Monday, December 7, 2009

BRRRRRrrrrr Shiver

The cold winter season REALLY has set in now. we got down to below freezing this weekend and it continues throughout the week... i had to walk an extra 3 blocks in what felt like Siberia two nights ago to get to my car! YIKES glad i had my scarf from Russia with me:)

i would support any inventions that allowed you to walk around in a bubble of comfortable 72degrees at all times but didn't make you bulky- like i currently look. it took me about several minutes just to put on all my accessories to go outside this morning!

come visit- Portland is great this time of year....

Friday, November 13, 2009


winter is here, rain is here, cold weather is here, and so is the electrical bill for the heat!

FYI: I have taken a holiday job at Macy's to help pay the bills. God is good, i got my first small paycheck today, they paid me to train! very nice:) i worked the floor for the first time last night and made a sale, rung it up all by myself and closed the register on my own too!! BIG night at Macy's for me!

have a fantastic day wherever you are, i hope it is sunnier and warmer than here

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

God really is STILL Good...

A quick note to remind you that God is good, and still good in the midst of my life. I don't really know how consistent I am at believing it but when I do i try to tell someone about it- today i am telling you.
when you say it out loud it makes it more real somehow. He is good, faithful, loving, and providing all i need.
Just last week I was having a mini-melt down inside my head about how in the world i am going to pay rent this month and within in minutes of me having these crazy negative scenarios bouncing around in my head, my friend calls. She needs me to babysit all day, AND get paid!!! now this may not be a huge deal to you to get PAID to babysit... but for me it is. there are so many babies and so many families and so few babysitters that we just volunteer because lets face it... church planters (who i babysit for) aren't RICH!!:) but my friend and her husband aren't church planters and have some extra cash to actually pay me!!! woohoo for God meeting me and reminding me he does provide... He makes all things work together for my good- great song by the way!!!

just had to share!:) hope everyone has a great day

Sunshine and Flowers

This happened a few weeks ago but i'm just now getting around to posting the pictures. Most of you know I don't have a weekly job so when I need a pick me up I try to be outside enjoying the sun. Portland has been described as a city inside a park... VERY TRUE. I happened upon this neighborhood park in my travels to the library and stopped to read my new Real Simple magazine (thanks mom)... and then all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye i see this.... Are you kidding me??

I do not recall anything this cool at my neighborhood park. How fun!!?? it made me laugh and brightened my glum mood for not having a job:)

Thursday, September 3, 2009


lots of facebooks wishes
mom off work- lunch at Zodiac Room
grocery store
wake up late
Rock Cake
Kahlua sauce
gin n tonic
Pop tickling Scarlett on the floor
Keating, hub caps, new baby boy next month...?
missing sally
$$$ cards:)
phone calls from half way across the world!!:)
Auntie had 2 surgeries:)

all in all i think 28th birthday was GREAT!!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009


we are back to gray skies and cool weather after a glorious week of sun- but with this sun of course comes hot and i mean H.O.T. hot temps.

basically i'm happy to see some clouds...

hair do

sorry but pictures of new haircut are only going to be posted on facebook...


Monday, August 17, 2009

Pocketful of Promises update

"Love notes from Him" is the missing camp theme from my previous post

and i am continuing to enjoy those reminders of God's promises to me- just this past week at church our pastor said that just because and apple tree doesn't have any apples on it doesn't change the fact that it is an apple tree. i may not see the things God has promised i am in front of me right now but that does not mean that i am not...:)
i am a woman of God
I am a force to be reckoned with- for the Enemy
I am made for women's ministry
I am designed for life change and life change in others
I am a descipler
I am an ambassador to the nations for God's reconciliation of Grace and Love
I am an organizer for the visionaries in His Church
... and on and on


i coordinated my frist "friend" wedding this past weekend. i think it went great.
Shannon and Adam got married in a park and the reception was in a dance hall type place in the NW side of town. everyone said "i do" and rings were exchanged, pictures taken, dances danced, and no on walked away bleeding:) SUCCESS!!!

i am t.i.r.e.d.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pioneer Girls...

I looked over my post from yesterday and realized that many of you don't know what Pioneer Girls is/was and how it impacted my life in a MAJOR way. i know memory verses that i learned when i was six because of the songs we sang. and i know how to cook in the microwave, paint a pillow, and shoot a bb gun all because of camp:)

so here goes:)
Basically its like Awana's at other churches but is focused only on girls! my mother and her friends adapted it even more with 6 rotating themes for a week long girls camp every year. the curriculum encouraged bible memory, crafts, fun, cooking, and missions. we earned badges and it was a fabulous time. really what i remember most is learning key truths about being a strong woman of God based on who God is and not what anyone else said:)

the camp themes were:
"I am a Divine Design"- identity
"Pocketful of Promises"-promises of God
"In his Orchard"- fruit of the spirit
"Pardners in Christ"-missions
"Growing in the Son"-character building
and one other that i can't remember at the moment. this happens everytime sally and i try to list them out... we have to go and ask my mom- so mom which one am i missing??

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pocketful of Promises

close your eyes and imagine a lavender shirt with a purple pocket and little hearts floating out of it in varying shades of purple and magenta... this is the shirt for the Pioneer Girl camp year "Pocketful of Promises". i loved it because my favorite color was and still is purple.

this comes to mind as over this past year i have been reminded of God's promises to his people, his church, and ME. the theme for that week of camp is all of the promises that God makes and that he is not a man that he should lie. And that he makes the promises because he loves us eternally with all our crap and yuck and sin; BUT most importantly as children of God the righteousness of Christ's blood. basically if he says i'm going to do something he WILL do it, no turning back, and no negotiating! i'm thankful that he is a promise keeper and maker with me, his people and his church. he will unify and redeem his bride, he will heal our wounds, he will not let one perish but hopes all will come to know him, he will set us free from our bondage, he will renew our strength, he will COME AGAIN...

put these and those personal promises that God has made to you in your pocket and take them out when you need a quick boost or smile to get through the day.

Family Camp

Well here is the scoop- i loved family camp and love my family even more. we had a crazy time finishing up my parents house before everyone came- but lets face it the Patterson's are always going to be the last minute family of the bunch:) we wouldn't want to change or anything!!:) seriously the house looks great and i LOVE it- love it even more that i get to sleep in a KING size bed all by myself rather than share a queen size bed with sal gal in some random camping cabin:)

i have included a pic for everyone to see the family- we ate of course, then swam, then ate some more and swam some more, and of course watched old family movies of when my parents weren't even married and when sally and i both were still in the womb:) good times all around- missing the family already!!!

However i will have to say that when i landed and saw that FLAT horizon i did not miss Texas very much...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

option 2

OR maybe this but instead of Kelly's classic pink i'll go with again red and caramel... vote please!:)

hair cut

I am thinking about cutting my hair like this and then adding my normal red and caramel highlights to it... what do you think??

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Family Camp

Can't wait to be in Dallas, see family, get in a pool, get a tan, eat a lot of gooood food, and be apart of the picture this year... counting down the days!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Confessions of a wedding coordinator

I have been asked to blog about the weddings i have been working this summer... so here are a few tidbits about what i do...

basically i run the show for the rehearsal and the wedding day. most decisions have already been made and confirmed with Deb our owner/manager and day of wedding Caterer. she great and loves taking care of the mansion. this leaves me with keeping the bride and groom happy, on schedule, and over all in love with the mansion and each other for the day!

i'm sure none of you are surprised that i am good at keeping people on task, doing what they should be doing, and helping them get there went they aren't. there have been some hiccups along the way...

1. first night out the coordinator i was shadowing had a family emergency and i was left to run the wedding on my own- scary cool all at the same time

2. two weeks ago i didn't notice the Officiant hadn't shown up yet until 15 min. before the wedding started- he never showed
thankfully bride and groom were okay and one of their friends married them and they planned to get legal later in the week

3. i forgot to tell Deb that we need to move the piano for video people until an hour and a half before the wedding- this is not a last minute item i learned

4. dinner running late, really late

5. sparklers, drunk people, and carpeted stairs- you only make this mistake once!

6. sweating for eight hours straight so you don't need to work out

7. first few weddings my feet hurt so much i literally almost couldn't walk

8. paid nearly $90 for a pair of shoes i would normally not be caught dead in- they have saved my feet- i worship them!!! and would have paid a lot more:)

9. table number cards- you wanted those, no one said anything, no we don't have any, sure we can make some! you will need to provide paper and markers

10. oh you wanted ALL the candles lit-we can't find our lighter? oops DJ gotta light?

11. DJ and Officiant all in one, no fee to get married

12. the officiant who didn't show up would have charged an EXTRA $200 to come to the rehearsal... bad sign:(

13. wedding cake is bad for diets

14. people in the NW like poppyseed cake and Banana Nut cake

15. i hate it when people are 20 or 30 or even an hour late to their rehearsal- seriously people, 5 o'clock traffic on I-5 happens everyday and it is not an excuse for being late!!!!!!!

16. i love not having to go to work until the afternoon or evening- my kind of time

17. origami unicorns

18. three flights of stairs in an old house- i walk up and down them for 8 hours

19. a guest at a wedding being so concerned about the gift table at the front of the house that after we told her we would take care of it, we didn't move fast enough she and another guest literally picked up the whole table, gifts and all and moved it onto a DIFFERENT patch of grass nearer the reception area!!!! lady i think we can do our job!!! she had some balls!!!

20. last but not least i will not get married outside, but in a church because it rains too much in portland to count on good weather- even in the summer!

Shhh don't tell Mom...

BUT i LOVE Portland, OR!!!! i really do, i love it here. i am a little sad that we have had a week of grey skies, but not sad that with them they have brought 65 degree weather.
What i love..
..65 degree weather
.. free stuff, lots of free stuff
... parks everywhere
... good coffee
...coffee shops besides starbucks on every corner
...The Door Community of Faith (my church)
... people are weird, my kind of people
... easy going life style
... no stress vibe
... Mother's Bistro and McMinamins Pubs
... NE, SE, SW, NW
... bridges- over water- in the middle of the city
... everything and then nothing when family is soooo far away!!:(

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blockbuster scene from "The Holiday"

So hopefully you have seen this hilarious scene where Jack Black's character does freestyle versions of "great" soundtrack theme songs from movies- one is from Chariots of Fire, the quote below is from the man the movie was based on...

"I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run I feel His pleasure. " --Eric Liddell

i don't run but doing and experiencing God as you do what he has created you to do because of the special gifts he has given you is the only way to live- PTL for grace for the journey in finding out what that purpose is and those extra things that make you unique and being patient with yourself as you learn how to accept them as they come, not rushing, or not OVER-COMPLICATE things-i need to work on this!!!

...I hope you feel God's pleasure in every moment:)

Thursday, July 9, 2009


... well sort of. i am still wedding coordinating- i just can't pay the bills with that job.

so next week i venture back to my high school past of retail. thats right last time i went retail i was 16!! not looking forward to it but you gotta do what ya gotta do to live the dream:)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Smile and Smile, etc.

Have you ever done something so fun and exciting every time you think about it you just smile. i have been doing it a lot recently and decided to share the happiness... this is my reaction anytime i think about my tattoo. i know a little crazy and ridiculous but seriously it makes me smile:) just so you know it was not a rash decision- my parents are NOT big fans- finally i decided i'm an adult and if i can move half way across the country on my own then i can get a tat if i want. i got it two nights before i moved to Portland with some great friends from Dtown! so here's a peek at it- its not easily seen which i like, but peeks out just at the right moments of life:) not everyone needs a tattoo but people in Portland might disagree with you- I LOVE IT!!!!

P.S. its an Alhpa&Omega - God's name-He's the Beginning and End

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A heritage of Faith and Service

I have sad news to report today, my grandfather William F. Sanderson died today. He went to go see his King and Friend earlier this morning. He was my mother's father and had suffered from Alzheimer's disease for over 4 years. Grandy Sandy as we called him, has not recognized us for several years now, so it is a blessing to see him go home and be in peace and healing in heaven. Grandy Sandy along with his wife of over 50 years, Mama Jean- Jean Sanderson, raised their children in a God fearing home with the example of hard work, dedication, perseverance, generosity, and service. Grandy Sandy served so much in his local church they gave him a plaque honoring him:) He visited the invalid in hospitals and home bound, and even those in nursing homes on a weekly basis. He went to church every week and was there to serve and love others into the kingdom whenever he could. Mama Jean served in the choir, helped at the church events hosting, cooking, and being an example of a godly woman. I have many memories of going to their church for one function or another and being bombarded with the statements of how wonderful my grandparents were. always making sure i knew how special and treasured servants of the church they were!
But more than there love of our God, service, and generosity I remember Mama Jean and Grandy Sandy especially on this day as loving me, loving our family- their family fiercely.
Family is and always be of the utmost importance in the Sanderson family(my mother's maiden name). When I was not even born yet we had Sanderson Family Camp. Every year getting together in the summer for a long weekend of fun, sun, skits, games, skiing, late night talks, and adventures in the woods. Grandy Sandy I remember one year after Mama Jean has passed away saying at family camp that he always slept better surrounded by his family:) He loved watch us kids being silly and laughed with us as we tried some new hair brained scheme.
I know this is getting to be a long blog, but my grandparents- all three sets (Mimi and Pat- my dad's parents, Grandy Sandy and Mama Jean- my mother's parents, and Jack and Luverne or LuJack as we call them our long time across the street neighbors) that i have were and are so supportive, generous, loving, having this heritage is mind boggling and humbling!
thank you Jesus for the privilege to grow up in this family, with these grandparents. thank you for bringing Grandy Sandy home to you so peacefully- i'll miss you Grandy Sandy, but will always proudly be blessed by your legacy.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Date night!

i had a lovely date this weekend with my friend Ashley. its funny we have been trying for months to hang out and finally it works for both of us last night. she had movie tickets and wanted to go see a movie. I have been dying to go see "The Proposal" with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. the sneak peek was sat. and we saw it and it was hilarious- laugh out loud so hard and so long that the girls in front of us for sure gave me a few dirty looks. which i don't really know why because the rest of the theater was laughing too! seriously i haven't laughed this much in a theater with other people laughing as much as me too in a LONG time.

go see it, you could even pay full price and it would be worth it.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Church of Scientology

Why is Meredith writing about the Church of Scientology?

-- Did Tom say something crazy again?
-- have the aliens really come back already?

well no, but I did interview with a company yesterday that is teaching others how to grow their company by using the management tools that L. Ron Hubbard wrote. As I took the 200 question personality test and then a timed I.Q. test and then filled out an application I kept racking my brain for where I had heard that name before. I just couldn't remember- then low and behold as I sat in a conference room waiting for my new boss to come and interview me I look up on the wall and I saw the color tones of mood by L.Ron Hubbard poster!!

Are you kidding me?? seriously-- then hanging right next to another poster, which to be honest I can't even remember what was on it, but in VERY FINE print- "L.Ron Hubbard-- copyright in the 70s with Scientology" WHOOAA. I ended the interview asking what relationship the materials and the company had with the church of Scientology. the response was that one had nothing to do with the other! however she was honest that some of the same principles of the "organization" did correlate with the management tools. but they were all common sense type things (seriously?? is what i am thinking in my head)

needless to say i will NOT be taking this job, so sad for a wasted afternoon!
click here for the church of Scientology website- learn more about the craziness!!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Sing with me now...

God is good, all the time!

Quick update:
no unemployment checks, got denied
no job
no wedding this weekend
no prospect for a new roommate after shannon gets married in aug.
no husband
no air conditioning
no interviews for jobs

BUT GOD-- these are my favorite two words in the WHOLE BIBLE!!! "But God" says everything about what goes on in the Bible and how Jesus cares for his flock- things may be crazy, life threatening, hard, you can't imagine them to get worse-then they do, BUT GOD!! he comes in and changes everything. he turns the world upside down with his power, glory, majesty, goodness, grace, mercy, forgiveness, justice. when you read "But God" get ready for something totally different than what the world or humans could plan or think. "But God" brings a smile to my face! watch out he's going to do something goooood, blow your mind, show what he is really made of, for his glory and worship so that ALL nations might know him, praise him, and fall before him on THAT DAY!

that's right, But God (my God) loves me, is faithful to have a plan for my life to prosper me, not to harm me. he has a purpose and a vision greater for me than i could ever know or understand with out the GIFT of his Holy Spirit, through the grace of his Son Jesus by the good pleasure of my Father God-

BUT GOD is all you need to know about my life, about my future, about my plans (his life in me, his future for me, his plans about me)

- whatever may come- BUT GOD!

Monday, May 25, 2009

I was born for this

I had my first wedding this past weekend and it was CRAZY... a few highlights
1. the bridal party got to the venue at
2pm the wedding wasn't until 6pm went till 11pm and i got their at 1pm
2. I didn't sit down for more than a combined total of maybe 15 minutes
3. the family and guests were nearly an hour early to the wedding -- a little crazy dealing with guests while you are still setting up
3. the kitchen just about ran out of food, which has never happened to them before- aka I didn't get dinner which i was supposed to get- did i mention i only ate breakfast at 10:30, no lunch??
4. My coordinator training me left just after the reception had started for a family emergency, so instead of shadowing i was THE coordinator for the rest of the night at the biggest wedding of their season! (things that hadn't happened before she left: speeches, toasts, cake cutting, special dances, and dancing with the DJ)
5. i was on my feet from 1pm till after 11pm that night- I could barely walk when i got home my feet hurt so much, and i wasn't even wearing heels:) - i need new shoes!!

all in all a great first day and night. i was born for this. i loved it and was super excited to show not only the clients but my new boss my professionalism and poise amidst a crazy situation on my first day!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

...the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air...

Today most of all I want to say thank you. i know memorial day is in remembrance of those lost to us in our fight for freedom, but i want to extend a thanks to those still serving and protecting us. Thank you to all of those men and women and their family and friends who have sacrificed time, money, comfort, and convenience for my freedom! You are our national treasures and are worth so much more than a medal, pay increase, or stripes on your uniform. Thank you for each time you choose to put on your uniform and walk out the door to protect me and our country. I pray blessing on you and your loved ones. May you remember what you are fighting for, what waits for you at home. Come home, walk in that front door for a hug and kiss - its all worth it for that hug and kiss, that giggle, those smiles, and little feet running down the hall to say "I love you" one more time before bed. Be safe, use your head and be smart. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you...

Monday, May 18, 2009

No more Con-way

Ladies and Gents in case you haven't heard I got fired for the first time in my life about 3 weeks ago. it was a crazy and surreal experience that i don't want any of you to go through. it has been the Lord's hand in getting me where i really want to go, so all in all it has not been a bad experience. i learned a lot at Con-way and finally had the big corporate job i thought i always wanted and needed to be able to live the way i want to live. but i was still not content with what i was doing.

Now that i don't have a job i am free to pursue what i really want to do, which is event coordinating and wedding planning. i have found a part time job, miraculously within a week of getting fired that will allow me to work on coordinating the day of the wedding. this is usually the last thing you get to do when entering the wedding world, but the way this venue is set up its what they need. THE LORD IS SO GRACIOUS- click here to see where i'll be working. its cute and not too far from where i live, even better.

Please pray for wisdom, grace, and perseverance this summer as I learn about my dream and try to take hold of it. Also i am still looking for another weekday job that pays pretty well so that i can live... let me know if you hear of anything:)

A Month in

Soo as you can see it has been a month since my last post in which i do think i promised pictures soon of my apt. welll my camera is broken so no pictures as of now... but i'd love for you to come visit and see it in person instead!! have a wonderful trip to Portland- see ya soon!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sullivan's Gulch- see any flying monkeys?

GULCH- (noun) a deep, narrow ravine, especially one marking the course of a stream or torrent.

So of course we all know that neighborhoods have different names. Lake Highlands, was my community in Dallas, and my neighborhood was Merriman Park Estates. In Portland neighborhoods are KING!!! the city is set up so that each neighborhood could survive on its own. it actually is difficult to travel from one neighborhood to another. why? well because most people here travel by public transit, bike, or simply walk. so why would you walk to a whole nother neighborhood for a store? well you wouldn't here. seriously! i'm not kidding, to drive 20 minutes is just too far and what could really be worth it??

My neighborhood is called Sullivan's Gulch. not sure who sullivan is or was- but i'm guessing we used to be a gulch leading to the Willamette that divides the city in east and west! its kind of a funny name:) i just think of the Wicked Witch of the West from Wizard of Oz going to Sullivan's Gulch in search of Dorothy and her red slippers- and that little dog too...

i do live on the edge of the Hollywood District Neighborhood- thats kind of cool. i do tell people i'm new to the neighborhood (its a good conversation starter)- they ask, "where did you move from?" - reply cooly- " I lived in the Northwest" and they remark back with exclamation, " ohh, yeah well it is really fun over there but too spendy (Portland word for fancy or really expensive)! welcome to the neighborhood, its much more reasonable over on this side of the river." i respond with my agreement that indeed it is cheaper to live in the Northeast side of town. especially if you want to have more than 500 square feet:) which i did and do and will always want, never to be repeated again!!!!

so come and visit me sometime in Sullivan's Gulch- I promise Glenda the Good Witch and I will show you a good time:)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Top 10 things i LOVE about my new Apt.

In no particular order please enjoy a quick list of the top 10 things i love about my new apt.

1. i have a door to my room
2. i have a room which is sep. from my living room and/or kitchen
3. i have one and a half bathrooms
4. the apt. is set up with the bedrooms upstairs and the living area downstairs
5. i have real carpet
6. i have a front door all my own- no yucky first door or hallway to walk down
7. i have a dishwasher
8. did i mention i have a dishwasher??
9. i have a garbage disposal in my sink:)
- you never knew how much you used it till you don't have it
10. i have countertops and cabinets, and shelves, and storage EVERYWHERE!!!

these are a few of my favorite things about my new apt.

when the dog bites, or the bee stings, or when i'm feeling sad- i simply remember my favorite things (about my new apt.) and then i don't feel so bad.!!!:) thanks Julie Andrews;)

Friday, March 20, 2009


In no particular order the 10 things that I do NOT miss about my old studio apt on Upshur:
1. a studio apt of only 500 sq. ft.
2. a studio apt
3. 17 bus stop right outside my window
4. my neighbor not knowing how to shut a door instead of slam the door at 6:00am
5. no dishwasher
6. no counter tops in the bathroom
7. no counter tops in the kitchen
8. trash dumpster that smelled so bad i nearly or did throw up every time i took out the trash
9. bedroom, livingroom, kitchen, closet, bathroom all in ONE room
10. two doors to unlock to get to my apt. the outermost that you needed a magic touch to open.

thank you that is all- so thankful for my new apt.!!!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentine's Day

It is almost Valentine's Day and I am happy to report- nope, i don't have one:) However I would like to say that everyone should go see "He's just NOT that into you". It is a great funny movie for guys and girls. Directed a little in the fashion of "When Harry met Sally" it is super cute. And there are two scenes that made me want to start to ball, which i don't normally do in movies-
scene 1) the dad scene with Jennifer Aniston's character (i won't tell you more) but i will say it reminded me of my Daddy:) scene 2) the scene where Ben Affleck is washing the dishes ( again details would ruin the moment for you.
So please go and laugh at yourself and the whole dating scene with this cute movie!! i think it is one i'm going to have to buy:) hahaha

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! hope its a good one:) love ya

Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy 2009 everyone-
Quick update on me: I am STILL in Portland, OR one of the best cities in the nation! I went home for Christmas this year. However Snowpocalypse of 2008 hit Portland just as I was trying to leave town and things did not look good. But with the help of friends with SUVs, 4wheel drive, and a special friend with snow experience (she's from Alaska) i made it to the airport and left on time! I couldn't believe it...
I spent time with family and saw everyone. My niece is just about the cutest thing you ever did see. my parents new house is lookin good. they have a pool and the Garagemahal as my dad has named it. this garage is useful, but HUGE! slowly they are beginning the inside work that i think will get completely done this summer. it is wierd going home, but not home. i thought it would be really awkward but after the 3rd day it sarted to feel like home because home is where the heart is and my heart for sure is with my family.
I am thankful too for a family that is fun, funny, exciting, relaxed, eats good food, and all in all is a restful place for me to be.

i needed to go home more than i thought- i was awake one night thinking about my life in portland and how i missed it and yet thankful to be in Texas. i am not moving back to Texas anytime soon, but wish it was a LOT closer to Portland- my sister and I share this wish:) I needed to be known, to be understood, to be around familiar things, places, and people. To not have to explain myself, or go into a 5 minute background story of why i feel the way i feel or think the way i think. It is tiring not being known and not really having true rest in friends. to be completely rested, fully relaxed and at peace with a group of people, totally known and understood. this is what my family does for me and how they make me feel and i am very thankful that i have them, just wish they would move to the NW too!! Now don't get me wrong i love portland, i love the people i have met here and grown to love... BUT family is family, and home is home and you just can't beat it!!

Now I am back in PDX and thankful for a job, thankful for an opportunity to learn how to plan a wedding (or at least help) with a friend from church, deepening relationships, and hopefully moving out of my studio apt. if you have ever lived in 500 sq ft or less with no door to a bedroom you know how it can mess with your psyche;) Thankful for 2008, looking forward to changes coming in 2009 and great adventures, not sure what they may be but i'm excited!!

well that is enough for now, i will post pics tonight!!