Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obama's Running 4 Pres.

Well Barack is running and gave a very nice speech. After hearing Barack's speech tonight I can only say that he is a powerful speaker, his speech writers worked hard and came up with a slam dunk! However as far as ideas or plans for change, or statements that gave me hope for a better future realized, I did not hear any of that. Barack gave a great POLITICAL speech, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Nothing really seems to change though every four years some other Pres. nominee tells me he is going to be diff. I am not interested in politics, I am interested in change, freedom, truth, and helping our Nation fulfill its purpose as God leads us forward. Ending side note, I think it is a little presumptive of Obama to compare himself to MLK or think he could even touch the shoes he wore. And when he uses MLK's cadence it is just annoying.

Portland Weather

So the weather here is a little different from Texas. okay a lot different. Even if it is rainy, which it is about 90% of the year it feels great, there's little to no humidity. ITS GREAT! and in the summer there is about 2 weeks of HOT weather where it gets up to about 95. And the wonderfulness that you get in return is my last month's electricity bill. In July- the dead of Summer, my bill is only $18. THAT IS AWESOME!! I think I picked the right place to live. You may be asking how I did that- well no one in Portland actually has air conditioning, well if they do they have paid dearly for it and they live in a newer house. However, I live in an apt. building built in the 20s with some of the original hardware- so no airconditioning for me. And on top of that I didn't get a window unit because I live up on a hill with lots of trees!! Come and visit to enjoy the cool weather:)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Michelle Obama running for President??

I know I have done a lot of writing since starting this all just two days ago, but it is really fun to just write and type and get things out of your head and out into the world at large. Mrs. Obama spoke tonight at the DNC and from what I can see she is very well spoken, educated, passionate, and loves her husband. She even got into a good MLK cadence at one point. And proceeded to remind us that this week celebrates women earning the right to vote and MLK I have a dream speech. But it was a bit much to introduce her with a 10 min. video of who she is, a little overboard if you ask me. Which obviously they didn't. Now I hate to be harsh, but I kind of don't care what she has to say. I'm not REALLY voting for HER, I'm voting for her husband. (or trying to decide if i'm going to vote for him or not) I could care less about what she has done or brings to the table. Sure she had a great family and worked hard to go to Princeton and Harvard- can I get an Amen for- will we ever have a Presidential nominee who went to a normal school??- now as soon as I have typed that there is an example, but really in our modern time, have we elected a Pres. that didn't go to an IVY League school or something just as elite and expensive?? but i got distracted. really I wanted to say that I am sure that Michelle Obama is a very nice lady and one that has earned the places that she has been and triumphed but at the end of the day she is not the one to sign on the dotted line. She does not decide to fix the budget, get gas prices to go down, cut taxes, fund our schools and either send or bring home our troops from around the globe, her HUSBAND will (or won't depending on the election). So as nice at is to hear from a presidential nominee's wife, and I'm glad to see that he at least picked a good wife, so he has good judgement there, I really could care less. I could care less how much his wife believes in him... i'd rather hear him speaking on issues this WHOLE week. I would like a forum of questions asked back to back with the same people asking different questions, in the same arena, even giving him the advantage of questions from his party peers and just see how he does. That would be a good, time well spent, should be broadcasted on every station DNC. Otherwise can we get back to our previously scheduled broadcasting or whatever it is they say;)

Monday, August 25, 2008

House Warming

After I found my wonderful little apartment- aka my own space:) with a real bed, a closet to hang my clothes and my own set of keys. About a month later I had the ladies I know in Portland over for a little get together. We went to this cute cloth store called Cool Cottons. The ladies that run it are like Mom and Melissa who own a cloth store;) They are very fun and welcoming. The Plan- come pick out a few of your favorite patterns, then I'll pick the final one for each person, next back to my apt to make pillows i.e. my friend Rachelle sews up the sides and we stuff:), add some good food and laughs, my house warming party.. here are a few picks... oh girls from my work and church came! so fun!!! i felt really loved and special

The Journey to NOW

The Robys
My "room" at the Robys aka the living room

If you are catching up on me, let me fill you on the journey to Portland (PDX). I have come to Portland at least once a year for the past 6 years. Various friends for lots of different reasons have lived or moved here. So of course being a GREAT friend I have visited them, and over the years fallen in love with PDX and the Northwest. If you've never been then you just don't understand. It is different, in a good way from the South, Texas, Dallas, etc. Free and easy people, no "boxes" to fit in, beautiful mountains, 75 degree weather, etc. So after much discussion and urging from friends I finally made the decision for the big move last Fall. After telling family I planned on moving in Sept. '08 (this obviously did not happen). Now Jesus had a different time table and with job situations and my apt. I moved at the end of March. I lived with Daniel and Lesley Roby and their cute son Noah for a little over a month and various other houses of people that go to our church (more on the Church later). At the Roby's I stayed on there couch and lived out of suitcases:) It took me about 3 weeks to find a job. To keep me busy and not totally bored, I volunteered with Habitat PDX. A family friend works with them and it was a great welcome to the city. Now I have a job with Con-way Enterprises, a large trucking company in their Benefits Dept. I'm an Admin. Asst. and LOVE the people that I work with. I am lucky to live just 7 blocks from work and walk as often as I can. It is a cute little studio apt., a little quirky but a nice place to call my own:)


Hello All!!

A quick welcome to my page. I am starting this whole blog thing because 1. I have moved half way across the country AWAY from most of my family and friends 2. To join the blogging nation 3. Because my sister started one and it seems a good and quick way to get news out there instead of repeating the same story about 10 times:) 4. maybe a place to muse on theological, political, or out and out wierd things i see or find

Hope you have a splendid day and I'll have some pics up for your enjoyment/ amusement soon