Monday, April 6, 2009

Sullivan's Gulch- see any flying monkeys?

GULCH- (noun) a deep, narrow ravine, especially one marking the course of a stream or torrent.

So of course we all know that neighborhoods have different names. Lake Highlands, was my community in Dallas, and my neighborhood was Merriman Park Estates. In Portland neighborhoods are KING!!! the city is set up so that each neighborhood could survive on its own. it actually is difficult to travel from one neighborhood to another. why? well because most people here travel by public transit, bike, or simply walk. so why would you walk to a whole nother neighborhood for a store? well you wouldn't here. seriously! i'm not kidding, to drive 20 minutes is just too far and what could really be worth it??

My neighborhood is called Sullivan's Gulch. not sure who sullivan is or was- but i'm guessing we used to be a gulch leading to the Willamette that divides the city in east and west! its kind of a funny name:) i just think of the Wicked Witch of the West from Wizard of Oz going to Sullivan's Gulch in search of Dorothy and her red slippers- and that little dog too...

i do live on the edge of the Hollywood District Neighborhood- thats kind of cool. i do tell people i'm new to the neighborhood (its a good conversation starter)- they ask, "where did you move from?" - reply cooly- " I lived in the Northwest" and they remark back with exclamation, " ohh, yeah well it is really fun over there but too spendy (Portland word for fancy or really expensive)! welcome to the neighborhood, its much more reasonable over on this side of the river." i respond with my agreement that indeed it is cheaper to live in the Northeast side of town. especially if you want to have more than 500 square feet:) which i did and do and will always want, never to be repeated again!!!!

so come and visit me sometime in Sullivan's Gulch- I promise Glenda the Good Witch and I will show you a good time:)