Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How are things?

my loving friends Dan and Lesley asked me on christmas eve after dinner and both kids in bed...
in teary response, "i could be doing better but i wouldn't be anywhere else."
i don't know how to explain the peace and assurance of God to anyone because i think it feels and looks different for everyone, but i do know i have it and am walking in it by continuing to live and be in portland.
things are changing here for me, slowly- oh so slowly, but i have the hope of christ in me that does not disappoint, that the future holds great reward for my time in portland.

prayer points for you about me
job at macy's to continue
place to lay my head at the end of january (i'm moving to cut living expenses)
resting in God's provision
joy, strength, and wisdom


go here and you will see why i love, miss, and wish i was home with my family

Monday, December 7, 2009

BRRRRRrrrrr Shiver

The cold winter season REALLY has set in now. we got down to below freezing this weekend and it continues throughout the week... i had to walk an extra 3 blocks in what felt like Siberia two nights ago to get to my car! YIKES glad i had my scarf from Russia with me:)

i would support any inventions that allowed you to walk around in a bubble of comfortable 72degrees at all times but didn't make you bulky- like i currently look. it took me about several minutes just to put on all my accessories to go outside this morning!

come visit- Portland is great this time of year....