Sunday, November 14, 2010

Jehovah Jireh

Well I am just bursting with what can be described only as pure excitement, surprise, and thankfulness all in one! Today at the end of church I was given a small golden box by my pastor's wife. I asked her what it was, she replied- " An early anonymous Secret Santa gift." I said what?? She said someone gave it to her to give to me. I didn't really get it, but when i opened the box there was a strip of paper that read "Jehovah Jireh".
and underneath was a roll of $20s totaling $300.00- yep thats right!!! Can you believe that??? CRAZY generousness of someone or people at my church. I am soo thankful and blown away!!! I will now be able to buy my return ticket for Christmas way before I was thinking. I think the $300 will totally cover it, we'll wait and see when i look tonight at flight prices, but i think so!!! God is soooo good. I love the Church, specifically my Church living out the Gospel: Giving to those who have need:)

Praise God with me Today for how BIG he is and his Power is greater than any obstacle that we face. He really does hold the pursestrings of the world- God is not poor!!!

And i just found out too that my Dad had a really GREAT month at his job! Praise God for his provision all around:)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

To Dallas with Love

Well the TICKET is bought, at least the first half. I love that with Southwest you don't have to buy a round trip to get the same price for tickets:) AND bags fly free!! Plus i was a REALLY great roomate and let Erin buy the ticket with her Southwest Credit Card so she would get Double Points added to her rewards point bank. BEING ABLE TO PAY HER for the ticket, even better:)

Monday, November 1, 2010

christmas is coming

its true christmas really is coming. all the department stores are warning you it is coming too with their holiday decor and ornaments already for sale!

the big news for christmas is... I AM COMING TO DALLAS, TEXAS for christmas this year. asked my boss, she said yes and now all i have to do is buy the tickets!!! yippeee!!! it will be spendy but totally worth it. last year away from the family for christmas was totally NOT cool!!!!

can't wait!!! can you???????