Tuesday, February 8, 2011


sooo why does the rest of the world not understand how to organize like i do? is it really that hard to understand and follow through with?? at work we often sell the jewelry right from the display case to the customer and then we are supposed to replace it with backstock items and put the correct tag on it.

this hardly ever happens unless it is me. i mean really??? how hard can it be, especially if there is the same item already displayed in another part of the case. its not like you even have to go the extra step to look up the item number... UGH i get SUPER annoyed and frustrated...
PLUS if there is not a tag or its tagged incorrectly the next time a customer asks how much something is you either guess (maybe get it wrong) or you have to stop then while the CUSTOMER waits and look up the item. this is not a simple look up in the computer you have to go through a catalog. our computer system is set up with the prices a little hire than what we can sell them for so the tag price is always the CORRECT one... STUPID PEOPLE!!!!! it just doesn't seem that hard- but obviously it is because the other people i work with after MULTIPLE reminders still seem to not get it...

thanks for listening to my rant

Saturday, February 5, 2011


i went into this lovely store late last week after work one night and walked around. Nordstrom is a lovely store. it has lovely people that work in it. it has lovely things to sell. and it also has lovely expensive price tags... i like it all though and am content to say it is perfectly lovely to think this way!
-- sometimes in portland if you don't buy from goodwill, a thrift store, or get it off the side of the road people think you are not normal...


i just have to say 6 inches and no school for a whole week in dallas is crazy. that would happen in portland more likely. i'm jealous of snow!! i'm jealous of not having to go to work more likely.

New Year New Things

New things
1. Manager of Inori, Inc. at Washington Square Mall. I got transferred and promoted at the same time.
2. Admin. help for the mission trips our Church is taking this year- Mexico, Haiti
3. Not working in Kingdom Kids for awhile- still babysitting
4. looking for a new place to live with the roomies

still love portland!!! most days- when its sunny, and beautiful and you can see the mountains