Friday, June 26, 2009

Smile and Smile, etc.

Have you ever done something so fun and exciting every time you think about it you just smile. i have been doing it a lot recently and decided to share the happiness... this is my reaction anytime i think about my tattoo. i know a little crazy and ridiculous but seriously it makes me smile:) just so you know it was not a rash decision- my parents are NOT big fans- finally i decided i'm an adult and if i can move half way across the country on my own then i can get a tat if i want. i got it two nights before i moved to Portland with some great friends from Dtown! so here's a peek at it- its not easily seen which i like, but peeks out just at the right moments of life:) not everyone needs a tattoo but people in Portland might disagree with you- I LOVE IT!!!!

P.S. its an Alhpa&Omega - God's name-He's the Beginning and End

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A heritage of Faith and Service

I have sad news to report today, my grandfather William F. Sanderson died today. He went to go see his King and Friend earlier this morning. He was my mother's father and had suffered from Alzheimer's disease for over 4 years. Grandy Sandy as we called him, has not recognized us for several years now, so it is a blessing to see him go home and be in peace and healing in heaven. Grandy Sandy along with his wife of over 50 years, Mama Jean- Jean Sanderson, raised their children in a God fearing home with the example of hard work, dedication, perseverance, generosity, and service. Grandy Sandy served so much in his local church they gave him a plaque honoring him:) He visited the invalid in hospitals and home bound, and even those in nursing homes on a weekly basis. He went to church every week and was there to serve and love others into the kingdom whenever he could. Mama Jean served in the choir, helped at the church events hosting, cooking, and being an example of a godly woman. I have many memories of going to their church for one function or another and being bombarded with the statements of how wonderful my grandparents were. always making sure i knew how special and treasured servants of the church they were!
But more than there love of our God, service, and generosity I remember Mama Jean and Grandy Sandy especially on this day as loving me, loving our family- their family fiercely.
Family is and always be of the utmost importance in the Sanderson family(my mother's maiden name). When I was not even born yet we had Sanderson Family Camp. Every year getting together in the summer for a long weekend of fun, sun, skits, games, skiing, late night talks, and adventures in the woods. Grandy Sandy I remember one year after Mama Jean has passed away saying at family camp that he always slept better surrounded by his family:) He loved watch us kids being silly and laughed with us as we tried some new hair brained scheme.
I know this is getting to be a long blog, but my grandparents- all three sets (Mimi and Pat- my dad's parents, Grandy Sandy and Mama Jean- my mother's parents, and Jack and Luverne or LuJack as we call them our long time across the street neighbors) that i have were and are so supportive, generous, loving, having this heritage is mind boggling and humbling!
thank you Jesus for the privilege to grow up in this family, with these grandparents. thank you for bringing Grandy Sandy home to you so peacefully- i'll miss you Grandy Sandy, but will always proudly be blessed by your legacy.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Date night!

i had a lovely date this weekend with my friend Ashley. its funny we have been trying for months to hang out and finally it works for both of us last night. she had movie tickets and wanted to go see a movie. I have been dying to go see "The Proposal" with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. the sneak peek was sat. and we saw it and it was hilarious- laugh out loud so hard and so long that the girls in front of us for sure gave me a few dirty looks. which i don't really know why because the rest of the theater was laughing too! seriously i haven't laughed this much in a theater with other people laughing as much as me too in a LONG time.

go see it, you could even pay full price and it would be worth it.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Church of Scientology

Why is Meredith writing about the Church of Scientology?

-- Did Tom say something crazy again?
-- have the aliens really come back already?

well no, but I did interview with a company yesterday that is teaching others how to grow their company by using the management tools that L. Ron Hubbard wrote. As I took the 200 question personality test and then a timed I.Q. test and then filled out an application I kept racking my brain for where I had heard that name before. I just couldn't remember- then low and behold as I sat in a conference room waiting for my new boss to come and interview me I look up on the wall and I saw the color tones of mood by L.Ron Hubbard poster!!

Are you kidding me?? seriously-- then hanging right next to another poster, which to be honest I can't even remember what was on it, but in VERY FINE print- "L.Ron Hubbard-- copyright in the 70s with Scientology" WHOOAA. I ended the interview asking what relationship the materials and the company had with the church of Scientology. the response was that one had nothing to do with the other! however she was honest that some of the same principles of the "organization" did correlate with the management tools. but they were all common sense type things (seriously?? is what i am thinking in my head)

needless to say i will NOT be taking this job, so sad for a wasted afternoon!
click here for the church of Scientology website- learn more about the craziness!!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Sing with me now...

God is good, all the time!

Quick update:
no unemployment checks, got denied
no job
no wedding this weekend
no prospect for a new roommate after shannon gets married in aug.
no husband
no air conditioning
no interviews for jobs

BUT GOD-- these are my favorite two words in the WHOLE BIBLE!!! "But God" says everything about what goes on in the Bible and how Jesus cares for his flock- things may be crazy, life threatening, hard, you can't imagine them to get worse-then they do, BUT GOD!! he comes in and changes everything. he turns the world upside down with his power, glory, majesty, goodness, grace, mercy, forgiveness, justice. when you read "But God" get ready for something totally different than what the world or humans could plan or think. "But God" brings a smile to my face! watch out he's going to do something goooood, blow your mind, show what he is really made of, for his glory and worship so that ALL nations might know him, praise him, and fall before him on THAT DAY!

that's right, But God (my God) loves me, is faithful to have a plan for my life to prosper me, not to harm me. he has a purpose and a vision greater for me than i could ever know or understand with out the GIFT of his Holy Spirit, through the grace of his Son Jesus by the good pleasure of my Father God-

BUT GOD is all you need to know about my life, about my future, about my plans (his life in me, his future for me, his plans about me)

- whatever may come- BUT GOD!