Friday, August 21, 2009


we are back to gray skies and cool weather after a glorious week of sun- but with this sun of course comes hot and i mean H.O.T. hot temps.

basically i'm happy to see some clouds...

hair do

sorry but pictures of new haircut are only going to be posted on facebook...


Monday, August 17, 2009

Pocketful of Promises update

"Love notes from Him" is the missing camp theme from my previous post

and i am continuing to enjoy those reminders of God's promises to me- just this past week at church our pastor said that just because and apple tree doesn't have any apples on it doesn't change the fact that it is an apple tree. i may not see the things God has promised i am in front of me right now but that does not mean that i am not...:)
i am a woman of God
I am a force to be reckoned with- for the Enemy
I am made for women's ministry
I am designed for life change and life change in others
I am a descipler
I am an ambassador to the nations for God's reconciliation of Grace and Love
I am an organizer for the visionaries in His Church
... and on and on


i coordinated my frist "friend" wedding this past weekend. i think it went great.
Shannon and Adam got married in a park and the reception was in a dance hall type place in the NW side of town. everyone said "i do" and rings were exchanged, pictures taken, dances danced, and no on walked away bleeding:) SUCCESS!!!

i am t.i.r.e.d.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pioneer Girls...

I looked over my post from yesterday and realized that many of you don't know what Pioneer Girls is/was and how it impacted my life in a MAJOR way. i know memory verses that i learned when i was six because of the songs we sang. and i know how to cook in the microwave, paint a pillow, and shoot a bb gun all because of camp:)

so here goes:)
Basically its like Awana's at other churches but is focused only on girls! my mother and her friends adapted it even more with 6 rotating themes for a week long girls camp every year. the curriculum encouraged bible memory, crafts, fun, cooking, and missions. we earned badges and it was a fabulous time. really what i remember most is learning key truths about being a strong woman of God based on who God is and not what anyone else said:)

the camp themes were:
"I am a Divine Design"- identity
"Pocketful of Promises"-promises of God
"In his Orchard"- fruit of the spirit
"Pardners in Christ"-missions
"Growing in the Son"-character building
and one other that i can't remember at the moment. this happens everytime sally and i try to list them out... we have to go and ask my mom- so mom which one am i missing??

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pocketful of Promises

close your eyes and imagine a lavender shirt with a purple pocket and little hearts floating out of it in varying shades of purple and magenta... this is the shirt for the Pioneer Girl camp year "Pocketful of Promises". i loved it because my favorite color was and still is purple.

this comes to mind as over this past year i have been reminded of God's promises to his people, his church, and ME. the theme for that week of camp is all of the promises that God makes and that he is not a man that he should lie. And that he makes the promises because he loves us eternally with all our crap and yuck and sin; BUT most importantly as children of God the righteousness of Christ's blood. basically if he says i'm going to do something he WILL do it, no turning back, and no negotiating! i'm thankful that he is a promise keeper and maker with me, his people and his church. he will unify and redeem his bride, he will heal our wounds, he will not let one perish but hopes all will come to know him, he will set us free from our bondage, he will renew our strength, he will COME AGAIN...

put these and those personal promises that God has made to you in your pocket and take them out when you need a quick boost or smile to get through the day.

Family Camp

Well here is the scoop- i loved family camp and love my family even more. we had a crazy time finishing up my parents house before everyone came- but lets face it the Patterson's are always going to be the last minute family of the bunch:) we wouldn't want to change or anything!!:) seriously the house looks great and i LOVE it- love it even more that i get to sleep in a KING size bed all by myself rather than share a queen size bed with sal gal in some random camping cabin:)

i have included a pic for everyone to see the family- we ate of course, then swam, then ate some more and swam some more, and of course watched old family movies of when my parents weren't even married and when sally and i both were still in the womb:) good times all around- missing the family already!!!

However i will have to say that when i landed and saw that FLAT horizon i did not miss Texas very much...