Saturday, September 20, 2008

so for my birthday present to myself i took the day off and went to the coast- my fav. place so far in oregon. i love love love it!! you hear the waves crashing, feel the wind in your face, and since it is the oregon coast people wear pants over their bathingsuits, no skinny beautiful people to make you feel bad about yourself!! plus its not just pretty white beach, there is a beautiful rocky coastline something like (at least i like to pretend) you would find on the coast of ireland or the uk. you have to drive through the mountains, ravaged hillsides by logging companies (thanks dad) hehehe, sunsets so incredible with the mountains in the backdrop, what more could a girl ask for? a new friend to share it with this time topped it all of:) I am thankful for this new place to fall in love with jesus. his glorious majesty and strength proclaimed in the roaring waves, or his mystery brought to life with the huge hazy clouds rolling across the landscape of the pacific ocean. did i also mention the fun fact about the oregon coast? the movie The Goonies was filmed there and in particular when they go searching for the treasure and end up in some random cave- they are actually in these rocks, called haystacks in Cannon Beach on the coast. they are beautiful and really do look like haystacks! well that is all but i just had to share with you the place that brings so much joy to my heart!! i'll have to post the pictures in a little while- the internet at the coffee shop i'm at, their internet is being weird and not letting me upload the pics...:( you'll just have to check back often;)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sore arms

side note my arms are sore today from holding babies all last night. I take care of kids during a class that we have at the church (more on the class soon) every tues. night. Normally a girl, Lachelle helps me, but she needed a night off so i was on my own last night. Emma, oh so cute, is teething and pretty much not happy unless you hold her. Her mom graciously gave her some Tylenol to help the teething and me last night, but I still held 15lbs of baby for about 3 hours last night. Then Hope, adventurous cutie, fell face first onto the concrete floor and was fussy the rest of the night. And of course when she is fussy she wants to be held. well instead of holding her i distracted her with toys and walking around the hallways. Did i mention that we are in the church offices and there is another business's art work on the wall that it at 1 and a 1/2 year olds level to touch with her chocolate hands?? we had a good time and Jason helped out for a little bit while both kids were crying beyond consolation. Then Rachelle held Emma the last 20 min. :) It is so funny how heavy babies can get after two hours of holding and not really able to sit down with them! i'm happy to not have kids for awhile after last night:)


I'm am thankful and excited to let you know I signed my official offer letter from Con-way last night! My boss Carol asked me to come into her office and not knowing what she wanted I asked if i could take care of two things before i came in, it was the end of the day and i was trying to wrap things up:) So 10 min. later i went in and to my surprise there was my official letter and she reminded me that i have 48 hours to go and take my drug test- please pray for the drug test that it would come back negative;) hehehe! She also said several times, and she is not one to be overly mushy that they are very glad to have me join the team. I'm reminded this morning of all of the more difficult job situations i have had in the past two years. Shady bosses, Yelling bosses, and bosses that I just can't understand. It could be so much worse, but its not:)... Thankful in Portland today!! if you want to learn about my company click here

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm Official

Its official as of October 1st I will be a regular full time employee at Con-way. I am so excited. i will now have a normal white badge, be able to order supplies- a key part of my job that i haven't been able to do as a temporary person, get a new id, and in general be able to participate in employee perks like cheaper tickets to city events, free yoga classes, a gym and showers downstairs, and other fun perks:) I'm excited and thankful that it may have taken forever, really this is the best fit for me right now! Everybody do a little dance with me!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure- Portland

I'm walking for LIFE

Imagine the impact…
Seventy-five percent of the dollars you donate will fund vital services across Oregon and SW Washington, while twenty-five percent will be combined with other Affiliates’ funds to fuel national breast cancer research at an unprecedented level.
$10 funds ten support booklets for newly diagnosed breast cancer patients.
$25 pays for a gas card for a low-income woman driving over 75 miles one way to get a mammogram.
$77 can fund a free screening mammogram for one uninsured woman

Please go to my Donation Page to help me reach my goal!! Portland's Race for the Cure is the largest fundraising event for the Cure on the west Coast:) I'm walking with two friends from work, Darcy and Rachel! Should be fun;)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I am celebrating my 27th birthday and it is the FIRST that i have not in some way celebrated with family. I will be celebrating with friends from church, but it won't be the same. Thank you my family for showing your love with calls and cards and gifts to come;) I really appreciate it. it brings it all a little too close for comfort that i have moved FAR away and can't drive over for homemade fried chicken and homemade mashed potatoes (no cheese) just the way i like it... and of course Sweet Temptations Cake of my choice!! but the most i'll miss is laughs and good stories and a chance among few to get the whole family together for one whole evening! I'm excited over all to turn 27- just 3 short years more and i'll be 30! WOW!!! 27 is not that bad and i think i'll really start to feel it when i'm 29;) Hopin that this year more than any other is full of changes, growth, joy, love, peace, and wisdom- oh and of course FUN:) so Happy Birthday to Me! and many more to come!!!!

McCain's uphill battle!

Ladies and Gentlemen thank you for reading my blog- i am going to say a few words on the Republican N.C. now... So far I have only heard what McCain has done, for our country, and as a senator. I have yet to hear what he will do in detail. Again why, do we have to listen to other people and not the actual canidate talk all week. Again i would like McCain to be at the convention all week answering questions from his peers about what makes him a good canidate and what he plans to do for the American people, again i'm out voted! We heard from some good people last night, but all noted what HAS been done by McCain- and it is a lot, very impressive and I comend him- but the past doesn't totally concern us does it, also the present and the future. His present battle is to stop the media blitz of McCain, Bush montra. the future holds difficulty as an older canidate and how he is going to impact American life- I haven't really heard any of that!! i look forward to hearing Palin tonight and then McCain tomorrow!!! hopefully i'll get some answers, but i doubt it...