Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tag you're it!!

So here is the idea- people tag you and then you follow the rules of the tag and in return you tag other people... and so its now my turn- Thanks Amy! you and Evan's list was pretty funny, i don't know if i can compete---

1. i just moved to portland, OR

2. I wore boots to work yesterday, that i have owned since high school (should tell you how often we need to wear boots in TX)

3. I live in a studio apt. with a playgroud outside my back windows

4. my church only has 25 people in it, and there is only one person over the age of 40

5. i was born and raised in Big D

6. I have fainted in a bathroom and was found by my dad

7. my favorite color is and always has been purple

and now i tag







Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wedding Weekend preview

So here are two quick picks from Jenica and Brad's wedding this past weekend. It was a short trip to Texas but sooo much fun. I'll have more pics later but i wanted to post to say i had a GREAT time with my girls!!! and the family that i got to see for breafast on Sun. morning was just too short!!! i CAN NOT WAIT for christmas to see them a WHOLE lot!!!! counting down the moments and days... i don't think i realized i missed them as much as i do until i was home again, back in Oregon wishing i could go over for a movie or quick family dinner!! happy i have two homes again... love ya, can't wait to see ya:)
Jenica made us bridesmaid t-shirts soo cute!!
Brad putting the "G" on the cubes of fudge- the reception party gift! yummy