Thursday, July 23, 2009

option 2

OR maybe this but instead of Kelly's classic pink i'll go with again red and caramel... vote please!:)

hair cut

I am thinking about cutting my hair like this and then adding my normal red and caramel highlights to it... what do you think??

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Family Camp

Can't wait to be in Dallas, see family, get in a pool, get a tan, eat a lot of gooood food, and be apart of the picture this year... counting down the days!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Confessions of a wedding coordinator

I have been asked to blog about the weddings i have been working this summer... so here are a few tidbits about what i do...

basically i run the show for the rehearsal and the wedding day. most decisions have already been made and confirmed with Deb our owner/manager and day of wedding Caterer. she great and loves taking care of the mansion. this leaves me with keeping the bride and groom happy, on schedule, and over all in love with the mansion and each other for the day!

i'm sure none of you are surprised that i am good at keeping people on task, doing what they should be doing, and helping them get there went they aren't. there have been some hiccups along the way...

1. first night out the coordinator i was shadowing had a family emergency and i was left to run the wedding on my own- scary cool all at the same time

2. two weeks ago i didn't notice the Officiant hadn't shown up yet until 15 min. before the wedding started- he never showed
thankfully bride and groom were okay and one of their friends married them and they planned to get legal later in the week

3. i forgot to tell Deb that we need to move the piano for video people until an hour and a half before the wedding- this is not a last minute item i learned

4. dinner running late, really late

5. sparklers, drunk people, and carpeted stairs- you only make this mistake once!

6. sweating for eight hours straight so you don't need to work out

7. first few weddings my feet hurt so much i literally almost couldn't walk

8. paid nearly $90 for a pair of shoes i would normally not be caught dead in- they have saved my feet- i worship them!!! and would have paid a lot more:)

9. table number cards- you wanted those, no one said anything, no we don't have any, sure we can make some! you will need to provide paper and markers

10. oh you wanted ALL the candles lit-we can't find our lighter? oops DJ gotta light?

11. DJ and Officiant all in one, no fee to get married

12. the officiant who didn't show up would have charged an EXTRA $200 to come to the rehearsal... bad sign:(

13. wedding cake is bad for diets

14. people in the NW like poppyseed cake and Banana Nut cake

15. i hate it when people are 20 or 30 or even an hour late to their rehearsal- seriously people, 5 o'clock traffic on I-5 happens everyday and it is not an excuse for being late!!!!!!!

16. i love not having to go to work until the afternoon or evening- my kind of time

17. origami unicorns

18. three flights of stairs in an old house- i walk up and down them for 8 hours

19. a guest at a wedding being so concerned about the gift table at the front of the house that after we told her we would take care of it, we didn't move fast enough she and another guest literally picked up the whole table, gifts and all and moved it onto a DIFFERENT patch of grass nearer the reception area!!!! lady i think we can do our job!!! she had some balls!!!

20. last but not least i will not get married outside, but in a church because it rains too much in portland to count on good weather- even in the summer!

Shhh don't tell Mom...

BUT i LOVE Portland, OR!!!! i really do, i love it here. i am a little sad that we have had a week of grey skies, but not sad that with them they have brought 65 degree weather.
What i love..
..65 degree weather
.. free stuff, lots of free stuff
... parks everywhere
... good coffee shops besides starbucks on every corner
...The Door Community of Faith (my church)
... people are weird, my kind of people
... easy going life style
... no stress vibe
... Mother's Bistro and McMinamins Pubs
... NE, SE, SW, NW
... bridges- over water- in the middle of the city
... everything and then nothing when family is soooo far away!!:(

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blockbuster scene from "The Holiday"

So hopefully you have seen this hilarious scene where Jack Black's character does freestyle versions of "great" soundtrack theme songs from movies- one is from Chariots of Fire, the quote below is from the man the movie was based on...

"I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run I feel His pleasure. " --Eric Liddell

i don't run but doing and experiencing God as you do what he has created you to do because of the special gifts he has given you is the only way to live- PTL for grace for the journey in finding out what that purpose is and those extra things that make you unique and being patient with yourself as you learn how to accept them as they come, not rushing, or not OVER-COMPLICATE things-i need to work on this!!!

...I hope you feel God's pleasure in every moment:)

Thursday, July 9, 2009


... well sort of. i am still wedding coordinating- i just can't pay the bills with that job.

so next week i venture back to my high school past of retail. thats right last time i went retail i was 16!! not looking forward to it but you gotta do what ya gotta do to live the dream:)