Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tday! cold weather that you NEED scarves and sweaters:)

So thanksgiving with out the family was hard, but not unbearable... the church folks got together. there were about 20 of us who didn't go home for the holiday. we ate really well, had lots of fun, watched football, played with kiddos, and the ladies made a craft!! thanks everyone for making this thanksgiving a great one... can't wait to see the family in Big D in just a few short days.....:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sarah, Sara, Ashley, Me, and Rochelle- Lesley is taking the picture- we had a great time... THANKS ASHLEY!!! such a creative idea.
and as the football went on Ashley, our hostess brought out the girlie crafts- we made ornaments

Lesley and I finally take a GREAT pic- we take the worst pictures- yeah for a good one:)

Football watching, hangin out, and Noah on the guitar with Billy Sieh facilitating

With nearly 20 people we did lots of dishes... this is Rochelle handing me the last of the crackers she brought for the artichoke dip i made- i forgot to get them at the store:)

kids play area- we had quite a few:)

gorgeous fall colors in front of my company- that i didn't go to for 2 whole days!

Monday, November 10, 2008


OPB (Oregon Public Broadcast) is one of my favorite channels- i only have about 10 that are worth watching- i stay away from Indian TV channels. So this weekend as I was trying to rest up and not get really sick I happened upon a program called In the footsteps of Marco Polo. It seemed interesting. About 15 or so years ago two guys read Marco Polo's accounts of the silk road and then decided to follow his writings through these modern places to see if he really went there. Travel always gets me excited- my dad has ruined me with Rick Steve's Europe shows! As I watched and lisented these two young men- late 20s i'm guessing at the time travelled through some pretty hairy and exciting places. Afganistan, Iran, India, China, etc. it took them over two years to finish the journey with visa issues, and passports, and the normal 3rd world bribery issues;) And at the end of it all they just said it was this great experience of following in the steps of a great explorer. They were surprised that so many of the strange things that Polo wrote about are still going on, but all in all it seemed they just went on this crazy adventure. It just struck me of what a waste of time. Just thinking for a few minutes of all of the wonderful things they could have done in those places, meeting with officials, or gov't leaders- or at least Unicef or the Peace Corp. But no, they just followed Polo's guide. An empty adventure that had no real impact on the world, where they went, and certainly not for eternity. All of those closed countries just recently set free from communism back then and hurting, needing to hear of Jesus. AAAAHHH it just makes me sad and mad all at the same time at them, and our world, and even more me. For not doing something more, for not going and doing the same thing in the name of JESUS. I guess it justs proves we are all made for adventure, these men just have no clue where the real adventure is- with jesus and loving him. Adventure with Him is life long and doesn't end after a trip or when you walk out of the church doors. This is a lot of rambling, I'm sorry but it just hit me the meaninglessness of their trip when they got to the end. with out jesus life is meaningless...

Monday, November 3, 2008

New and Old pictures

celebrating me getting hired at work- We talked about being real friends or work friends for our picture- Darcy and I are real friends- Rachel is still thinking about it, because she's not touching:) hahaha work wouldn't be the same with out these girls!!
make a funny face OR scary- YIKES!

Lesley not wanting to be in a picture
I dressed up for costume contest at work and then got so busy i forgot to sign up! oh well it was fun to have punk hair for the day- everyone at work couldn't quit laughing...