Tuesday, September 21, 2010

10 year reunion

well people- it is fast approaching... I'm not sure if i am sad or glad i won't be attending. Lets face it, tickets from Portland to Dallas are expensive!! Even if I was not tight on money i'm not sure i could justify the at LEAST $400 ticket for just a weekend trip. BUT man can you believe I'm old enough to even be having a 10 year high school reunion???


time flies when you are having fun. maybe if money grew on trees OR if a magical free ticket appeared for me and the ENTIRE 5 people in the ROBY family. CRAZY they are 5 now.. BANNER is there new little girl from Zambia and she is just beautiful and precious. it would be totally wierd to go to the LHHS reunion with out them!:( thats all i have to say

Monday, September 13, 2010

I stole...

well not really, but it sures feels like it. Got a gift card for Macys from the parents for the Bday, spent it and STOLE (saved) over $200 with coupons, sales, etc. did i mention i only spent $66... that right!!! get excited-5 new tops for that litte- My Mimi would be proud indeed, the original bargain shopper.

Birthday News

Turned 29 for the first and certainly NOT the last time a little over a week ago. Had a fab. time. Friends came for a cookout/bbq and games at my house. My roomies were heroes of the shindid making sure all went well. THANKS to lesley for the amazing cake! WOWSer.. vanilla four layer cake with strawberries on top:)

Had many lovely gifts- stand out was a resusable bag that folds up to look like a little strawberry from the Dallas Pattersons- sure Keating was the one that spotted that gift-hahaha

all in all a GREAT day, lots of cards, phonecalls, and FB posts! THANKS everyone