Sunday, October 26, 2008

the pumpkin patch- yes a REAL one

lots of people wanted to pick pumpkins too!
Sauvie Island is soo cute, and just 10 mins. from the city
huge cabbages too:)

soo touristy, but the pic had to be taken!

Oh my gosh! its a REAL pumpkin patch!!! you can't see it very well here, but they were there!!

we tried to pick pumpkins, but it was verry picked over

i got my face painted :)

a few visuals of where i live

McMennamins- my favorite bar

my favorite coffee shop- the dragonfly

my company

the street where i park for work

Monday, October 13, 2008

Door to the Nations update

So update on my decision to do Door to the Nations or not- the answer for now, is no. I don't have peace about doing it right now. as well the more i have thought about it, planting a church, starting a church is not really what i want to do. join and help a church yes, but beign the one starting it and coming along afterward are two different things. so i have peace about not doing it, which is good:)
i am excited about my work and the opportunities there with friends and learning a lot to advance in the corp. world- whoever thought i would care about that...
and FYI i did not get to sleep in on sunday AGAIN this week because one of my neighbors decided to have a conversation with someone in the hall- our walls are very thin, starting at like 7:30am AAAAHHHH will i ever have a Sat. AND a Sun. to sleep in?? probably not!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday Morning- Lazy Morning?!

Sunday mornings. I love them now because my church doesn't start until 4:30 in the afternoon! That means that I have the option to sleep IN TWO days in a row:) LOVE IT!!! however this particular Sunday morning I had no such luck... this story should be prefaced by the fact that 90% of Portland does not have air conditioning- i am apart of this 90% and so i sleep witht the windows open. I turn over this morning, at 7:45 I find out because of some rock band having a concert in my neighborhood!! Yes! thats right 7:45 am on a SUNDAY in the Northwest! I couldn't believe it really. no one is up this early on Sunday they at least wait for the brunch hour on Sunday in the Northwest to get up and goin- around 10ish All of this to say i am thankful for my ipod because even with the windows closed i can still hear the concert and it doesn't end until about an hour ago- 11am AHHH;0)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Sleep in peace

Okay how bout blue?? i think you might read this a little better!! this is old news, but i keep forgetting to blog about it... In my family if you want to send someone something fun, nice, and inexpensive, for no good reason it is called a "sussie". i have learned other families call it a "happy"! also a cute fun name- well my mother loves to send sussies to her kids! which i love to receive... a few weeks ago she sent a cute hand towel with Ps. 4 about sleeping in safety- she knows i don't sleep well. Now the towel is cute, nothing super fantastic- just was a sussie should be, but because i haven't seen my mother in over 6 months i got a little teary eyed i won't lie. sussie's are just what a girl needs, even if she is 27 years old and fully independent, from her mommy to remind her she is missed and loved. and then she send me a sweet email about missing me- i mean really - how is a girl supposed to get through the day with out crying when you read that your mother misses you terribly!! (sp) and on top of that send it to my sister as well... and i remembered to write all of this to you because i read on my sisters blog that she had her 6 week break down and i started tearing up reading that as well!!! i mean- give a girl a break;) hahahaha all this to say i miss you and can't wait for DECEMBER!!!!

Door to the Nations, etc.

I thought i would change up the font color- too much pink could be bad for your eyes! I said i would give more information on a class we have at our church that right now, i take care of the kids for the parents in the class... well its more like a training school. Basically you sign up for a year commitment to learn more about church planting, misisons, Jesus, and do a lot of character development! it costs about $2,000 and meets two nights a week for 3 hrs. a pop!! I have been praying and talking to people in the class and the teachers and will talk more in depth with the teachers in the next few weeks... BUT i'm not sure it is a good fit for me. I'm not saying it is bad for me, i simply do not have a peace about doing- my friend john told me the other night that if you don't have peace don't do it. pray a lot before you make a final decision, but no peace, no dice! please pray with me and for me as i seek peace~

In other news I am going to learn to sew this weekend. My friend Darcy form work has invited me to come and help her with a sewing project! I can't wait, should be a fun time:) after my sewing house warming party i have been intrigued by this old/new pastime.

another tidbit that i am excited about is at work- I have been given resposibility to cord. and oversee a whole company wide project!! We are providing Flu Shot Clinics for our locaitons across the nation. i am collecting all the info, passing it along, answering questions from across the comany, and interfacing with HR big wigs:) I'm also the point person for the Clinic at our location! i'm really excited- this is right up my alley and the manager that gave it to me hates projects;) hahaha! i told her i am a project guru and am happy to help! please pray that i would work well and make a good impression and be christlike- to draw others to himself in the midst of this opportunity!!!

have a wonderful weekend!!