Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentine's Day

It is almost Valentine's Day and I am happy to report- nope, i don't have one:) However I would like to say that everyone should go see "He's just NOT that into you". It is a great funny movie for guys and girls. Directed a little in the fashion of "When Harry met Sally" it is super cute. And there are two scenes that made me want to start to ball, which i don't normally do in movies-
scene 1) the dad scene with Jennifer Aniston's character (i won't tell you more) but i will say it reminded me of my Daddy:) scene 2) the scene where Ben Affleck is washing the dishes ( again details would ruin the moment for you.
So please go and laugh at yourself and the whole dating scene with this cute movie!! i think it is one i'm going to have to buy:) hahaha

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! hope its a good one:) love ya