Friday, March 16, 2012

Fresh News

****Below is an email update I sent out about wonderful things going on with my college ministry out reach at Multnomah Bible College here in Portland****
Ladies and Gents!

How wonderful is our God??! He is amazing, full of mercy and provision. A few weeks ago I met with Mickey Fernandez the Multnomah Student who goes to our church, to try once again to figure out how to reach college students on campus. During lunch we discussed two things: 1. The Justice Conference and 2. Rick Ezinga. Rick is a Baptist pastor of around 60 at a church actually around the corner from my house. He has been praying and mentoring students for 3 years at Multnomah. He has about 100 students on his prayer list and disciples 9 guys. He is an amazing man of God and I met with him 3 weeks ago. He offered to let me shadow him one of the days that he is on campus, and he said he would introduce me to women on campus too. Well…. Today is the day!! I have an appointment on thurs. to start mentoring Jaime and then having lunch with the Assistance Residence Director for the women on campus and one of her RA’s. Then I have a meeting with another RA too. RA’s at MBC are really responsible for their students. They meet with them; they plan all of the outreach, fun outings, etc. They are a HUGE KEY CONNECTION for getting into campus life on a day to day basis. –Funny side note that one of the RA’s name is Jennica Lynn- one of my best friend’s exact same name!!:) A good sign for sure.

Thank you very much for your prayers. Please continue to pray for even more favor and resources. It was so easy. Rick introduced me to each of these ladies. I said hello and within minutes had meetings and contact information for each one. Praise the Lord for his plan, his timing, and his deep love for each of these women. Every time Rick said that I was on campus to pray and mentor women on campus it was followed with this response “Oh that is wonderful! That is something we really need. Thank you!!” I’m not kidding- God is crazy!!!

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